<![CDATA[tpumps- Good tea to share - BLOG]]>Thu, 13 Apr 2017 03:44:10 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Tpumps at Gilead!]]>Thu, 09 Jul 2015 22:34:13 GMThttp://tpumps.com/-home/tpumps-at-gilead A big shout out to Gilead for hosting Tpumps! We had alot of fun serving our tea to the wonderful people of Gilead! 
if you would like Tpumps at your next event email us at info@tpumps.com or checkout our catering page
<![CDATA[Tpumps Tuesday]]>Wed, 01 Jul 2015 19:47:49 GMThttp://tpumps.com/-home/tpumps-tuesdayPicture
Every Tuesday!
Stop by Tpumps on Tuesdays to get a free upgrade to Pumpbo!

<![CDATA[Tpumps Nepal Earthquake Fundraising Support]]>Wed, 17 Jun 2015 21:58:44 GMThttp://tpumps.com/-home/tpumps-nepal-earthquake-fundraising-support
Tpumps support local schools to help raise money for the Nepal Earthquake Relief.

Tpumps San Francisco joined up with the following schools.
- Wallenberg High School- Rooftop School
- Lick-Wilmerding High School
- Ben Franklin Intermediate School
- Lowell High School
- University of San Francisco

Tpumps Burlingame joined up with the following schools.
- Mercy High School
Jefferson High School

Tpumps Foster City joined up with the following schools.
Sequoia High School

Tpumps Cupertino joined up with the following schools.
Miller Middle School 
Monta Vista High School
Silver Creek High School 
Cupertino High School
Lynbrook High school
Fremont High School
- Andrew Hill High School
- Homestead High School
Foothill College Fundraiser
Santa Clara University
<![CDATA[Tpumps and local schools raising money for Nepal]]>Fri, 15 May 2015 20:11:02 GMThttp://tpumps.com/-home/tpumps-and-local-schools-raising-money-for-nepalFundraising Continues!
tpumps and local schools raise money for Nepal
So far, over a dozen schools have joined our fundraising efforts to help raise money for earthquake relief in Nepal. There are still a few upcoming events! Please help your classmates and Nepal relief efforts by buying a Tpumps drink on campus during the fundraiser. If your school has already had their event, tell us how it went! Send us some pic to show off your booth and fellow students enjoying their drinks while contributing to something great! Here are some of the schools who've participated. 

Jefferson High School  -  5/20/2015 donating to American Red Cross
Fremont High School  - 5/18/2015 donating to American Red Cross
Sequoia High School - 5/14/2015 donating to Nepal Foundation
Alpha Phi Omega of USF5/13/2015 donating to American Red Cross
Cupertino High School - 5/13/2015 donating to American Red Cross
Lynbrook High school - 5/12/2015 donating to American Red Cross
Mercy High School - 5/12/15
Monta Vista High School - 5/8/2015 donating to Direct Relief
Wallenberg High School - 5/5/2015 donating to Samaritans Purse
Harker High School - TBA donating to Seva Foundation
Westmoor High School  -TBA donating to American Red Cross
Miller Middle School - TBA
 donating to American Red Cross
Silver Creek High School - TBA

We look forward to announcing the total funds we've raised together! 
Love Tpumps, Love Nepal!
<![CDATA[Tpumps Daily SpecialĀ ]]>Wed, 13 May 2015 23:19:58 GMThttp://tpumps.com/-home/tpumps-daily-specialNo time? No problem! Grab one of our Tpumps Daily Specials
tpumps daily special
Tpumps New Daily Special
On those days where you just need an iced tea fast, our daily specials are ready to go! The Daily Specials are a regular 24oz sized pre-made flavored iced Tpumnps tea. They are available at Tpumps San Fransisco, Burlingame and Foster City. Flavors vary from location and change weekly. The special does not include boba, but for just $2.00, it's still a great deal. If you're interested in having your very own Tpumps cooler, let us know!
<![CDATA[Tpumps Tuesday Continues]]>Tue, 12 May 2015 21:52:23 GMThttp://tpumps.com/-home/tpumps-tuesday-continuesTpumps Tuesday Promotion Continues!
Tpumps Tuesday promo
Our fans really seem to be enjoying our free upgrade to pumpbo! We've decided to continue our #TpumpsTuesday Promotion. Upgrades available at all TPumps locations: Foster City, Burlingame, San Fransisco, Cupertino and Pasadena. Come this Tuesday and be sure to ask for you free fan upgrade to large size! 
<![CDATA[Tpumps Pop-Up Shop]]>Sun, 10 May 2015 22:40:16 GMThttp://tpumps.com/-home/tpumps-pop-up-shopTpumps' First Pop-Up Shop!
tpumps pop up shop catering
Tpumps Pop up shop catering
Tpumps is happy to announce that our First Pop-Up Shop was a great success. The amazing people over at PoshMark headquarters knew that their team were big fans of Tpumps. So they asked if we could come in and make drinks on site in their corporate office to help them celebrate. Making a high-quality tpumps drinks, take more tools than you'd imagine. We didn't want to sacrifice quality by going mobile. So our senior team put their minds to it and built the very first Tpumps Pop-Up Shop! The Poshmark team was able to choose from two popular flavors as our baristas shook up their favorites right at the table! WE brought a whole batch of our signature honey boba as well as our healthy boba bran. The whole team, tpumps veterans, and tpumps' first timers alike, enjoyed their teas! We had a great time being on site and now we're ready for the next challenge! If you're like Tpumps to come make drinks at your next corporate get together, Submit and inquiry for more information and a member of our Tpumps Catering team will be in touch! Or if you're interested in having tpumps available in the office 
24-7, check out our Tpumps Cooler
<![CDATA[Help Tpumps to Help Nepal]]>Mon, 04 May 2015 23:34:45 GMThttp://tpumps.com/-home/help-tpumps-to-help-nepal
Tpumps Nepal Fundraiser

Tpumps needs your help to raise relief funds for Nepal

Tpumps needs your help to raise relief funds for Nepal Tpumps wants to help raise money for Nepal, but we need your help. Here's how:
  • Tpumps will donate 100 FREE Tpumps sized drinks per school
  • Student's will resell drinks on campus to fundraiser money for Nepal
  • If students resell Tpumps for $5 each, together we can raise $500 per school!
  • Students must pledge to donate 100% of the proceeds to an accredited Nepal earthquake relief fund. 
Here are some of our locals schools that have already gotten involved:

San Mateo High school 

Mercy High School

Wallenberg High School

Cupertino High School

Monta Vista High School

Homestead High School

Lynbrook High School

Miller Middle School

Silver Creek High School

Fremont High School

If you want your school to be involved, talk with your school and then fill out our fundraising request form. With your help, we can make a real effort help people in need. Love Tpumps, Love Nepal! 

  • Request must be made by May 15, 2015
  • One fundraiser per school 
  • Schools must be able to pick up drinks from their local to Tpumps
  • 100% of fundraising profits must be given to an accredited relief program like Direct Relife, International Medical Corps,  Samaritans Purse or the Red Cross
  • Make sure to specify "Nepal earthquake relief" when making donations 
<![CDATA[Tpumps Tuesday Free Upgrade!]]>Mon, 27 Apr 2015 19:25:21 GMThttp://tpumps.com/-home/tpumps-tuesday-free-upgrade1PictureTpumps Tuesday
FREE Upgrade to Pumpbo on Tuesdays!
We wanted to give our fans a little something special to perk up their weekday. At every Tpumps location, fans get a free upgrade to Pumpbo size on Tuesdays! Come in with your friends; make your weekday special. Treat yourself and get some extra milk tea on us. We want our amazing fans to indulge in every opportunity to celebrate, so make this Tuesday a #TpumpsTuesday!

<![CDATA[Introducing Tpumps Instagram Challenge!]]>Fri, 17 Apr 2015 21:58:15 GMThttp://tpumps.com/-home/introducing-tpumps-instagram-challengePicture
What is Tpumps Instagram Challenge?
#Tpumps has over 40k photos on Instagram! Our fans' creativity never ceases to amaze us. We think it's time we rewarded you for all those great pics. Each week, we'll post a new theme to challenge our fans to capture the most epic Tpumps photo. It might be the perfect colorful cup pic, late night Tpumps run with friends, summer vacation, or the best foodie shoot! If you have a great idea for next weeks theme, submit it to the comments!

How to enter:
  1. Take your pictures! Pics must have a Tpumps Drink and the theme of the week.
  2. Tag us @Tpumps and use Hashtag #InstagramChallenge to enter. Or submit your photo in the comment's section. 
  3. Top photos will win two Free Drinks

This week's Tpumps Instagram Challenge: Tpumps and festivals! 
Big festivals are happening all over this week! Cherry blossom festival Saturday in SF (and another in Cupertino next week!), Big Wow comic book in SJ, Star wars celebration and Coachella only a short drive from Pasadena, Cesar Chavez Day Parade Sunday in SF, farmers market and library book sale in Burlingame, and Off the Grid Food Trucks in Foster city on Wednesday night. Contest starts Friday 4/17 and ends Thursday 4/30. Grab your fav Tpumps before you head out on your festival adventure and snap some pic for your chance to win! Photos will be rated by Likes; winners will we announced May 1.